So many questions?

Don't be like me and have the 1st gun you buy also be the 1st gun you sell because you didn't know what you really wanted.

Semi auto?


Full Size?

What Caliber?



Questions to ask yourself

  • How important is it for you to enjoy shooting this gun? - The more you enjoy it the more you will practice.
  • How much will cost of ammo effect your practice?
  • If for Self defense, How many self defense classes have you taken to help you decide what is right for you?
  • How important is ease of cleaning the gun?
  • How important is ease of manipulating the gun? (ie not needing to feel like a wrestling match as you do things OR you are ready for a work out and looking forward to getting stornger with practice)
  • How important is a smooth trigger pull? The smoother the trigger pull the easier it is to hit your target.
  • How much do you care about the look of the gun?