One Day Practical Fundamentals Skill Builder

August 9, 2022
144 Mansfield Rd, Harwinton, CT, 06791, United States

Course Overview

The program is designed as preparation for OpSpec Training's two-day Practical Fundamentals class or SIG Sauer Academy's Handgun 103 or Handgun 104 program. The most important fundamental of marksmanship is trigger control. We will be focusing on that skill during the class. Other marksmanship fundamentals are essential, but they all rely on the foundation of trigger control.

During the program, you'll be introduced to skills that will help you improve your follow-through and accuracy. We will also work on follow-up shots and improving speed.

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE OPENS March 2023 want to save your spot sooner? email Brooke directly

Course Objectives

By the end of this program, you will be able to …

  • Demonstrate proper handgun handling skills with a strong emphasis on safety.
    - Safely load, fire, and unload a handgun.
    - Safely draw and re-holster a handgun.
    - Safely reload a handgun.
  • Demonstrate how to properly prep the trigger to hit the target accurately.
  • Demonstrate how to set stance, grip and grip tension to improve the speed and accuracy of follow-up shots.
  • Make a shot you did not think you could make.


This is not a basic handgun class. It is focused on students who run a semi-auto pistol with iron sights or a red dot. Students must demonstrate firearm safety, including trigger finger and muzzle discipline. Students should be familiar with the operation of their handgun, including being comfortable loading, unloading, locking the slide back, drawing from and returning to the holster, all while being aware of safe trigger finger and muzzle position.

This program is appropriate for other firearm instructors and those in training to become an instructor. It is also a very valuable course for firearm enthusiasts who bring friends to the range to introduce them to shooting.


Brooke Cheney and Steve McGough

Steve McGough is a self-employed marketing consultant who splits his time supporting more than 30 small business clients. His teaching and instructional design experience include more than ten years of working as a full-time scuba instructor and dive shop manager in Connecticut and the Bahamas. During that time, he earned a PADI Master Instructor certification and was qualified to teach more than 15 specialty courses, including CPR, AED and Emergency First Response First Aid.

Three of his ten years in the industry were partly focused on teaching professional level courses, including Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and coaching during multiple Instructor Development Programs.

He is the training coordinator for Operation Specific Training (OpSpec Training) ( and an adjunct instructor teaching the Introduction to Practical Fundamentals class.

Steve is also an assistant instructor and coach for OpSpec Training’s Practical Fundamentals (two day), Applied Fundamentals (three day) and Pistol Skill Builder (one day) programs.

He is the marketing coordinator, consultant, and webmaster for Grayguns, owned and operated by Bruce Gray. Grayguns is the leading performance aftermarket parts supplier for SIG Sauer and Heckler & Koch handguns.

Steve is an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and USPSA Range Officer. He has also completed the SIG Sauer Academy five-day Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor course.

Registration Opens 3rd week of March

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