Find Your Perfect Gun

90 Minutes
Classroom & Range
Guns & Ammos Provided
4 hrs classroom
1.5 hrs shooting range
Guns & Ammos Provided
Don’t have buyer’s remorse with your first gun purchase!

I know the excitement of picking out your first gun. But how do you know which gun is right for you? If you want to show up to the gun shop ready to ask all the right questions, you need this course!

The first gun I bought for myself was also the first gun I ever sold because it wasn’t what I needed. I walked into the gun shop having no idea what I was looking for and couldn’t even answer the sales guys' questions. Salespeople are there to help, but if you want to find the right gun, you need to have a better idea of what you’re looking for before you walk through the door to their store.

That is why I created this course – so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did and can learn all the questions that you didn’t know you needed to ask!

If you are a new pistol permit holder looking to buy your first gun or you are simply in the market for a new one and want to figure out what your next firearm will be, this “try it before you buy it” class is the perfect course to prepare you to walk into a gun store and know what you want and how to get it.

During the class, we will catalog what you like and dislike about each gun, see what features you enjoy, review which gun truly fits your needs, test what size gun and caliber you like shooting best, and more.

We take a customized approach because the best pistol for women depends entirely on each woman, her skill level, and her purpose for using the firearm.

During the 90-minute course, you will be able to handle and test a variety of guns, ranging from pocket carry guns to full-size target guns.

What past students have to say about the Find Your Perfect Gun Class

Karen P

"Brooke was absolutely fabulous. Great attention to detail and explained everything. She makes you feel comfortable while teaching you everything you need. Highly recommend! Looking forward to returning for more lessons. Thank you!"

Leo Hansen

"Brooke is an amazing teacher and very informative. She makes learning how to handle a firearm very comfortable for a first time shooter. I highly recommend getting classes from Brooke and I will most definitely be coming back for more classes myself."

Pamela Combies

"I learned a lot today.... a few more classes and I'll know exactly which hand gun to purchase."

Common Questions about the Find Your Perfect Gun Class

We’ll provide the guns, ammo, and safety gear, so all we ask is that you bring a good attitude for learning.

If you do not have your own eye and ear protection, we will supply it for you. However, you are welcome to bring your own gear if you have it.

The class starts out with a scenario similar to walking into a gun shop where you are presented with many firearm options. You will fill out a questionnaire to assess your needs and help narrow down the options.

From there, we will try out guns in the classroom to see how they feel in your hands. We’ll work on your grip and stance to keep things consistent when comparing the different guns, and then we’ll narrow your choices down even further to a few guns that you would like to shoot on the range.

When you’re done with the class, you will have a list of the things you like and dislike and a good idea of which gun you want to buy.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of firearms during the class, from pocket carry guns to full-size target guns. We have revolvers as well as semi-automatics.  Calibers that are available to shoot during the class are 22LR, 380, 9mm, .38 Special, and 45.

There is no perfect gun for women. There is only a perfect gun for you based on what your needs are, regardless of gender. The idea of the “perfect gun for women” is a marketing strategy and nothing more. It’s like asking what the perfect car is for a woman to drive when you know that you actually want a truck.

The best 22 pistol is the one you enjoy shooting. I love my .22 target pistols, however, my favorite gun isn’t necessarily going to be yours. The purpose of this class is to help you discover what is best for you. I start all my students on a 22 pistol because it is the best pistol for learning how to shoot. A .22LR has inexpensive ammo and low recoil, which makes it easier for you to control the gun and easier for me (as your instructor) to see what you are doing. The 22 pistol has a wide range of applications: target shooting, learning how to shoot successfully, and various competitions.

The 22lr pistol is the gun that most of my classes are taught on and is usually what people mean when they refer to a 22. Just remember, the “best pistol for women” depends entirely on the woman. The best 22lr pistol for you may be very different from the one your friend carries vs. what I carry, vs. what your partner carries. 

The best 9mm is going to be the one that you can handle comfortably and be accurate with. There are many characteristics that we will go over in this class to find the best 9mm for you. 9mm pistols are some of the most commonly held guns. They are generally used for sporting events such as IPDA, USPSA, and 3-Gun. They are also widely used for self-defense. 

I am not a fan of pocket pistols so I do not have a choice for the best pocket pistol. However, just because I would never personally carry one does not mean that you would not. This class is not about my likes and dislikes, it is about finding the right gun for you. Generally, when people are looking at pocket pistols, they are only considering the size of the gun and how easy it is to conceal. Often overlooked is the challenge of shooting and working the gun safely, and a smaller gun frame actually means that the gun will be more difficult to handle. If you would still like to find and test the best pocket pistol for you, you are welcome to try some out in class. 

The Smith&Wesson M&P EZ is the most popular pistol I see my students bring to class. However, the 380 caliber is hard to come by. It is a nice step up from a 22 and doesn’t have as much recoil as a 9mm.

The best carry pistol is the pistol that you will carry every day. If you are going to carry, it needs to be a daily, lifelong decision. Don’t carry a gun only when you are going to a bad place. Don’t go to the bad place! It needs to be a daily habit.

Just as with an open carry pistol, the best concealed carry pistol is the one that you will carry every day. Concealed carry means that no one can see the firearm you are carrying, so one of the main factors that will determine the best gun for you is your wardrobe. Many students come in knowing that they want a concealed carry gun, but they have not thought about any of the other factors involved, like caliber, skill set, comfort level with the platform, and the overall purpose of the gun. If you want the best concealed carry pistol for you, you need to take these factors into consideration as well.

The best home defense pistol is the one you train with the most and feel the most comfortable using. Ideally, this will be full-size and easily accessible to you. Calibers will vary based on what you shoot the best with. Many people look for a home defense pistol that has a firearm-mounted flashlight, but I do not recommend this feature. You want to see what you’re pointing at before you shoot at it, but with a firearm-mounted pistol, everywhere your flashlight points, your gun is pointing too! When it’s not mounted, you get to identify what you’re pointing at first. And remember, simply having a gun does not make you safer. Training with a gun and being skilled enough to use it is what makes you safer.

I am going to take the contrarian position here and simply not give you an answer to this question! There will always be caliber wars, but a 45 actually has better stopping power. That said, in 80% of altercations that involve a firearm, a single shot is never fired. Most bad guys are not looking down the barrel of your gun to see what caliber it is, they just don’t want the gun pointing at them anymore. No one wants to get shot!

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