Gun Handling and Shooting

90 Minutes
Classroom & Range
Guns & Ammos Provided
4 hrs classroom
1.5 hrs shooting range
Guns & Ammos Provided
Whether you are new to firearms, afraid of them, curious about them, have years of experience, or you just purchased a new gun, need a refresher course, or simply want to check shooting a gun off your bucket list, this personalized gun safety class is designed to meet you where you’re at and help you build more confidence in your abilities.

A Great Start Shooting School is here to help you feel more confident handling a gun. We will go at your pace and focus on the skills  you are looking to improve.

Are you considering getting a pistol permit but don’t even know if you like handling and shooting guns? You can use this class to test if it’s something you would be interested in.

Did you recently purchase a new gun and want to get used to it with the help and supervision of a professional? This is the perfect class for you. Just bring your gun! 

Do you already have some experience with firearms but want to become more proficient at gun handling? Great! We’ll assess where you’re at and go from there.

The handgun training course lasts 90 minutes and consists of both classroom and range time. We will begin in the classroom where we will go over how to safely handle a firearm, including safety rules, how to load and unload a gun, grip, stance, aiming, and more! Then we’ll finish with range time.

If you are bringing your own gun, you will need to bring your own ammo. Otherwise, ammunition and firearm use are included in the price.

What past students have to say about their gun handling and shooting class 

John Borja

"Brooke is wonderful! Could not have asked for a better experience with a gun safety class. She does her absolute best to show how to safely handle a gun. She was very helpful with dates and times. I would and will recommend anyone about Brooke and her classes!"

Bibi Darwish

"Brooke was a fantastic instructor and truly helped me understand how to handle a firearm safely. So thankful for such a great experience!"

KJ Gallagher

"When I took my first class with Brooke I was brand new. She was knowledgeable, patient and took the time to teach me the very important basic skills that I continue to carry with me. I have since brought my 78 year old Mom and my daughter to AGSSS and we will definitely be back! Highly recommend Brooke and AGSSS!"

Common Questions about the Gun Handling and Shooting Class

Yes, you can bring your own gun. If you do, you will need to bring your own ammunition as well. This class is great for new gun owners who are trying out their gun for the first time. Please bring it unloaded to the classroom as there is no live ammunition allowed in the classroom. There is no change in the cost of the class if you have your own firearm.

A box of ammo will be plenty. Chances are, we are only going to shoot 10-20 rounds of ammo during the range time portion of the class. This is not a high round count class as we are focusing on learning with each and every shot.

No, you do not need to have a pistol permit to take this pistol safety course. However, you cannot have any felonies that prohibit you from getting a pistol permit. Please check here for a list of those felonies.

This firearms safety course is a one-on-one class format. Because the goal of the class is to meet you where you are at and go at your pace, we limit the  handgun safety class to just you and no one else.

Absolutely! That’s the whole point of this gun safety class. Whether you’re brand new, curious, have some experience, or have never touched a gun before, the idea is to get anyone comfortable with a firearm. The class is set up specifically to allow the instructor to meet you where you’re at and build from there.

There really are no prerequisites for this basic handgun training except a desire to learn.

All you need to know to take this handgun training course is that you’re interested enough to learn. Come with an open mind to learn about firearms!

No, you do not need to shoot a gun. The idea of this firearm safety class is to help you feel comfortable handling a firearm, which doesn’t have to include shooting one.

We’ll teach you about safety, proper grip, and how to unload the gun so that you feel confident and safe.

If you want to shoot at the end of the course, you are welcome to do so. The gun rental and ammo are included in the cost of the course. But I would never make anybody shoot if they did not want to.

This is a basic firearms handling course. The class will teach you how to handle and shoot a firearm safely. You can also use this course to get familiar with  your brand new firearm. You can relax while you have the help and supervision of a professional who will walk you through how to safely use your new gun. The purpose of this class is to increase your comfort and confidence, regardless if it’s just a refresher for you or you are a first-timer. Because of its one-on-one nature, this handgun course can be whatever you need it to be. It’s customized to you.

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