Private 1 on 1 Training

$65.00 - $500.00
60 Minutes
Classroom & Range
Gun Rentals Available for $10/lesson
4 hrs classroom
1.5 hrs shooting range
Guns & Ammos Provided

Get private one-on-one training that is customizable to your unique needs and firearms goals.

Whether you’re asking “Where do I start?” or “What next?” signing up for private one-on-one training is appropriate for all levels of shooters. 

No matter if you sign up for one hour of private range time, five lessons, or our biggest 10-lesson package, the training is all about you.

  • Did you just finish one of our other classes and want to keep working on your pistol craft to become more proficient and comfortable?
  • Or are you completely new to guns and want someone to guide you through the learning process?
  • Has it been ten years since you took your pistol permit class and you need a refresher?
  • Or perhaps you haven’t gotten your gun out of the safe in a while and you need a quick overview of basic gun handling and safety.
  • Is your husband the one with guns in the house and you want to be comfortable and competent handling his firearm if necessary?
  • Or maybe you have been shooting your whole life and just want to get better, faster, and more accurate
  • You could even just be bored and tired of shooting at static targets

If you want somewhere to practice shooting and moving, we have movers, disappearing targets, Texas stars, steel plate racks, and more.

Get access to training facilities unavailable even at most clubs. Enjoy opportunities to shoot and move on the range and practice skills like holster drawing that you cannot do in most other places.

Whatever you need, you can get it with private one-on-one training at A Great Start Shooting School.

Private classes are offered in 60-minute increments of one-on-one instruction. You can purchase a single hour or get a package of multiple one-on-one training sessions to take advantage of significant savings.

  • 60 Minute Lesson = $65 
  • 5 Lessons = $275 ($50 savings)
  • 10 Lessons = $500 ($150 savings)
  • Gun & Ammo Rental = $10 per lesson 

Regardless of your gun handling experience, we always begin with a review of gun handling safety, and then we can work on whatever you need – completely and uniquely customized to you and your goals.

What past students have to say about their private firearms training

John Borja

"Brooke is an amazing instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and she does a great job reinforcing the skills through repetition with a strong emphasis on safety. I would highly recommend Brooke for any of her courses, regardless of your level of current experience."

Karen P

"Brooke was absolutely fabulous. Great attention to detail and explained everything. She makes you feel comfortable while teaching you everything you need. Highly recommend! Looking forward to returning for more lessons. Thank you!"

Geraldine Sklarz

"As a novice... REALLY a novice... Brooke explained everything to me very carefully and completely. She stressed safety and clarified the misconceptions most beginners have. I felt secure in what I knew, and very aware of what I did not know. It's that sort of training that makes you a good gun user. I thank her."

Common Questions about Private Firearms Lessons

No, you can rent a gun from A Great Start Shooting School. You are welcome to bring your own gun, but if you do not have one, you can pay $10 per lesson to rent one of our guns. The rental includes ammo as well. If you purchase a 5 or 10-lesson package, you can buy a package with the gun rental or a package without.

Yes, you can bring your own gun to the range. However, we run a cold classroom and cold range, so please bring your firearm(s) unloaded. Do not unload your gun in the car or the driveway, it must be unloaded prior to your arrival. Safety first! If you are training with your concealed carry gun, you will unload on the range. 

Generally, the first lesson is very low round count (10-25 rounds). You will need less than a box of ammo. The more we train, the round count will go up. If you want more information, let’s chat before your first lesson.

One-on-one training can be range time or classroom time. Depending on your skillset and what we need to focus on during your training, we may be in the classroom more than on the range.

You can take your private one-on-one gun handling classes as needed. You do not need to schedule them all at once or at the same time each week. If you purchase a single class, you will be taken to the scheduling page once your payment goes through. You will have the option to schedule on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. 

No, you do not have to schedule all of your classes as soon as you purchase a multiple-lesson package. You can schedule the classes as needed. Once you purchase your lessons, you will be sent a coupon via email that you can use each time you want to schedule a class. Just click on the coupon link in the email and you will be taken to the scheduling page.

While you have twelve months to use your package, we recommend that you come back at least two to three weeks in a row so that you can get the benefit of training consistently each week, allowing you to build on your gun handling skills instead of having to start all over again several months down the road.

If you know that you want more than one lesson, this is the best way to go because we can cover any of the other classes offered through A Great Start Shooting School in your private one-on-one session.

Everything about the private one-on-one training is 100% customizable. That said, we recognize that some students may want direction regarding what they should do during each class. If you are brand new to pistols and gun handling and you purchase a five-lesson package, this is our recommended course outline:

  • Lesson One: Review of basic gun handling and safety with both a revolver and semi-automatic
  • Lesson Two: Focus specifically on revolvers to become comfortable with them
  • Lesson Three: Focus specifically on semi-automatics to become comfortable with them
  • Lessons Four and Five: Work on gun handling skills with the platform that you prefer 

If you buy the 10-lesson package, the last five classes can focus on whatever you need and want to work on. Again, this is just a suggestion. Each class is customizable to whatever you’re working towards. The outline above is often what we do, but private one-on-one training is flexible and designed to fit your needs.

A Great Start Shooting School is primarily devoted to pistol craft. This is not rifle and shotgun training. It is a pistol range. We do basic rifle training, but we do not do shotgun training.

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