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Gun accidents happen because of a lack of education. Learn gun safety at a private firearm range with a certified gun instructor, mother, competitive shooter, and safety officer. Gift yourself the skills you need to confidently handle firearms.
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Firearms Classes Offered by A Great Start Shooting School

A Great Start Shooting School is a local Connecticut firearm range run by women for women (although we also teach men and children). Learn at your own pace at our private outdoor gun range with the help of a female NRA certified instructor, range officer, IDPA safety officer, and training counselor.

Avoid the crowds, noise, and distractions of public ranges at our secluded Harwinton shooting school. We provide training for every skill level – from learning how to load and unload a firearm safely to drawing from a holster and learning how to shoot on the move at moving targets! We're confident that you can find the right course for you.

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Hey, since you’ve scrolled this far, I’d love to help you figure out your training needs. Whether you simply want to understand the guns you have in your home or you’re planning to get into self-defense or target shooting, you need to build a solid foundation. That’s where we come in – to give you “a great start” to your relationship with guns. 

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Meet Your Firearms Instructor, Brooke Cheney

My name is Brooke Cheney. I have over ten years of experience as a certified firearms instructor and safety officer. I am also a competitive shooter and perpetual student.

But I wasn’t always this confident around guns.

While I grew up around guns, whenever I went to the firearm range, it was the same story: I was handed a gun, I pulled the trigger, and then I handed it back to the person who brought me.

I had no clue how to load or unload a gun. I couldn’t tell you what I was shooting or even if I hit the targets.

But in 2007, I found myself home with two small children, knowing that there were guns in the house and that I needed to learn more. I didn't want myself or my children to add to the statistics of people who harm themselves with their own firearms.

So, I started training. I never imagined then that I would learn enough to be able to help other women do the same…
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